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Who is Jana Yowell?

I’m a 38 year-old vegan, runner, nutritionist, and new mom.

My Story

For me, in life, it’s all or nothing. There is no gray. There is no 80%. There is no middle. When I commit to a journey, it’s 100%.


My running journey began when I was in middle school. It was purely recreational and I was above average, but nothing was really held to high competitive standards at the one middle school in the small Texas town of Cisco.  It was at this time I discovered my passion for just mere running. The kind of running that takes you out of your front door and into the next town.

During my freshman year of high school in 1987, I suffered a brain hemorrhage to which the doctors never found a cause. It was this hurdle that obligated me to rest from any sort of athletic activity until my sophomore year. As an avid basketball player, I never considered running on a competitive level until my high school basketball coach brought it to my attention. I decided to give it a shot and never looked back.

I ran both cross country and track competitively my junior and senior years at Cisco high school and even took home some state titles. With my accomplishments, I was able to secure a track and cross country  scholarship to Texas A&M.


Despite my success and passion for running, it was at Texas A&M, where my diet was consumed with copious amounts of unhealthy food.  College is conducive to lots of beer, fast and processed food. Fortunately, I saw no direct affects on my health due to my diet, most likely due to my young age. College and your early twenties are conducive to this sort of invincible outlook.

Becoming Vegan

Equipped with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, multiple fitness certifications, a successful business (Juice Plus), and some marathons under my belt, I entered my life in the real world, with a continued passion for running as well as eating CRAP. This was until I was fortunate enough to attend a Juice Plus sponsored lecture by who is now one of my major influences, Dr. Pam Popper. It was at this presentation that the concept of plant-based diet was introduced to me. She challenged her audience to just give it a shot. It was the season of lent in 2001 that I tried a vegan diet and it forever changed my life.

Eating plant-based foods made me feel like a new person. I actually felt “healthy.” I felt renewed, clear headed, energized, and 16 again.  Running was a completely new high. It was easier and injury free.

After the ‘trial’ period of being vegan, I decided to stick with it and continued to educate myself. Since, I’ve read many books on the topic. A few of my favorites and most influential include: Mad Cowboy (Howard Lyman) and The China Study (Dr. T. Colin Campbell).

Since these positive turning points in my life, I have completed twelve Marathons (including two Boston Marathons), many half marathons, some triathlons, and continue to fulfill my passion for running daily.

Why Running Vegan?

Due to the significant health benefits I witnessed first-hand by changing my diet and maintaining fitness; I now dedicate my life to encouraging and helping others achieve optimal health by adopting a plant-based and active lifestyle. I’m passionate about an active, vegan lifestyle, and feel its benefits are worthy of sharing with everyone in the world — including you!

What Running Vegan is Not

Political – the main mission is to help and connect with others by sharing information.

Judgmental – so you ate a steak last night?…and you expect me to think you’re evil. Nope. I simply love the mutual exchange of sharing information. I want my website to be a place others can connect. My content is intended to be informative. After that, you be the judge of what you want to do with the information. I invite anyone to respectfully comment on my blog, ask questions, and/or post your opinions. Ultimately, I hope that my content, if even just one blog post, helps you in a way to consider what is truly best for you and your health.